We’re proud of our top-tier staff that ensures effective cyber threat and fraud prevention for the safety of our clients.

7_Ollivier Mafaya (CEO)

Ollivier Mafaya

CEO, Central Intelligence Bureau

Irreplaceable Human Processing

Your inquiries are not processed by robots, artificial intelligence bots, chatGPT or any other automated software.


We are a multi-national team of detectives, analysts and experts working personally and directly on your specific case.

We are a team of Licensed Detectives with specific specializations.

We are a team of licensed professionals led by a Director of ICT Operations. We operate physically in the data center of the Central Intelligence Bureau at its headquarters in Warsaw (Poland). We specialize in preventive protection against events that may pose a cyber threat to our clients.

Since your inquiries are not processed by automated software, the turnaround time is not instant, but takes up to 3 working days per case. In return, you can be sure that you will receive reliable information with a risk assessment prepared by the best intelligence analysts in the world.

Business Intelligence Experts

Analytics & Tracking Experts

IT Intelligence Experts


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